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Kendra 1240
Kendra Nelson – April

I’d like you to meet my sister Kendra.

She is like most young women her age going to school and work and taking care of a million little things in between: she is busy. She is extraordinary in that she gets up every weekday morning to help three little girls get ready for school and get on the bus. She does their laundry and helps them with homework, kisses boo-boos and often tucks them in at night. She does this because their mother (Jenny) cannot.

Jenny is Kendra’s best friend and Jenny was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and began the fight of her life. She never spoke of death, except for one time, “If I don’t make it, you will help John raise the girls, raise them like I would?” a promise that my sister made and quickly reassured Jenny that wouldn’t be necessary. All through the treatments and Chemo, my sister was there helping her best friend with laughter and love, offering a hand around the house and thousands of prayers. She was there through the joys of remission and the devastation of the cancer returning. She was there in the last days, through it all she was there. Jenny passed away last year leaving behind her wonderful husband John and their three beautiful girls’ Audrey, Autumn and Adelei.

My sister, Kendra, who was there through all the good times and bad of her best friend’s life and death is still there, keeping her promise. She is teaching these beautiful girls to be strong and courageous like their mother. She is modeling generosity and grace so they will learn to be generous and gracious also. This is not an action of obligation, there is nothing, short of death, that would keep Kendra from these girls, this is an act of love and devotion. Kendra is the strongest woman I know, the most caring and tenderhearted. She loves in a way that is rare and beautiful: through her actions.

I know no woman more beautiful in heart and spirit than my sister, Kendra. I hope that you will consider her in your quest to find women that redefine beauty, as she has surely changed my definition. She is my inspiration; I hope to be such an amazing woman someday, and to think I’m her big sister.

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Kendra 1240

Kendra Nelson – April

I know no woman more beautiful in heart and spirit than my sister, Kendra.

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