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Tammy May
Tammy Pentlicki – May

Tammy is the type of lady who gives all she can to help others with any big event of their life. She has probably thrown over 30 baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, she just volunteers. I think she does it as a part of her gift to them for their big events. She turns down getting paid for her work, she just loves helping others. She has thrown fund raisers for fellow workers (some are friends, most become new friends) which I know she has raised over $5,000 dollars over the years. For three years now she has been a leader of her Relay for Life team and recieved a reward last year for her efforts.
She takes her lunches and volunteers at school helping out with parities, or whatever the teacher may need. She tries to attend all field trips and request days off to be with her kids and their fun at school. Whenever buys things for the class room at school, she almost always buys or brings two or three time more than what is needed, and I ask her why. She tells me” there are too many kids that have nothing and she wants to make sure that the school doesn’t have to depend on parent that can’t afford to send things”. If it’s a party at school she still doubles up for the kids to make sure there is plenty for the classroom. Every kid in my kid’s class room know my wife and gives her a hug. (I have stopped asking, she is so right).
She throws birthday parties and tries to make it the best birthday party in the world every year and does it not just for our children, but she says ” some kids don’t have big birthday parties at their home and every kid needs to be part of a big party.She has Halloween and Christmas parties for the kids too (Again I stopped asking) .
When we had our first child she told me how she was going to go to thrift stores and buy at clearance to buy clothes for our kids and resell them to help us get by. But once again, she heard of people worse off than us and with younger kids so she away our kids clothes (they out grew to others), asking them to pass the clothes on to others. (Again how right my wife is) I bet she has given our kids clothes to 10 or 12 different families.
As the kids were younger, she use to sing to them songs every night before they went bed or read them a book. She always made time to give them every moment of her attention she could, whether she was with them at home or at school. She rarely buys anything for herself. She challenges their minds in a learning way to allow our kids to the best they can be.
She calls her mother every day and checks on her and tells about her day. She asks about her relatives and keeps up them. She helps her mom do several things and is an active part of her moms life every week.
Somehow she has time for me to feel just as important. Today I got to come home early (for a change) and she made me feel so good, I opened my truck door and she applauded, “yeah! You are home and I am so glad to see you”. She kisses me not just to kiss me, but to kiss me saying she loves me so much (every day). She always tells me she loves me as I leave or finish on the phone with her. She has that special way about herself to make every person feel so special when they are around her. This past year I told her I wanted to get on a plane for our ten year anniversary and she had always told me she would never get on a plane. Somehow, (scared to death) she got on the plane asked to get off three times and we had a great 10 year anniversary.
Every holiday is a holiday at home, she goes all out. Which I don’t think would mean much to most, but think about working retail for over 25 years and still keeping the spirit of celebrating every holiday, like it is the first Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines after working over 25 years in the retail industry at 40 hours a week every year, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WIFE I HAVE AND HOW SHE HAS CHANGED LIFE AROUND SO MANY PEOPLE AROUND HER.

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Tammy May

Tammy Pentlicki – May

Tammy is the type of lady who gives all she can to help others with any big event of their…

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Kendra Nelson – April

I know no woman more beautiful in heart and spirit than my sister, Kendra.

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