An Epic Tale of Chapstick by CC Carmack
An Epic Tale of Chapstick by CC Carmack
This blog is based on a real life event that happened this past weekend. No names have been changed to protect the innocent.

A group of friends were out on the town for a birthday celebration. It was eat, drink, and be merry, though not in that order. All was well with the night until the….Chapstick Incident. You see there are those times in life when one discovers perhaps they don’t really know their friends at all. And this was one of those nights.
A female member of the band of merry misfits returned from the restroom with a torrid tale of adventurous Chapstick. She explained how upon entering the stall, her Chapstick lept from her hands, into the waiting toilet below. Without a thought she rescued the Chapstick, removed the cap and found that Alas! It was dry inside! So….she….USED IT!

In case you have figured this out yet, this was a bunch of people in a bar celebrating a birthday. So yes, she retrieved her Chapstick from a BAR TOILET AND USED IT!!!!!

For the record, everyone there was completely disgusted an appalled. She defended her actions, saying it was only in there for a tiny split second. I replied there is no any second rule when it comes to Chapstick in a bar toilet. But just to help my friend see the error of her ways, please feel free to leave your comments and

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