CC Carmack and the Roller Coaster
CC Carmack and the Roller Coaster

Over the weekend I conquered a fear of mine. Okay, maybe conquered is stretching it a bit. It was more of a “I white knuckled my way through it” kind of experience.

So what did I do? I rode a wooden roller coaster. I’ve always enjoyed amusement park rides but have never ridden a wooden roller coaster. They just don’t look stable or strong enough for my taste. But this weekend, after much cajoling from my significant other, I put on my big girl britches and boarded the Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend.

It was fun, somewhat. Mostly it was fast, the entire ride lasts only 77 seconds, 77 very long seconds.

So to prove I did this, I’m sharing the photo of me mid-ride. Who says you have to open your eyes to enjoy the ride?

roller coaster

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