“Disabled” Man Moves Boulder
“Disabled” Man Moves Boulder

Three guys who filmed themselves pushing over a giant boulder at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah may face felony charges for doing what they thought was a public service.

In the video, two guys watch and film their buddy Glenn Taylor heave the loose rock onto the ground. They followed it up with laughter and high fives, but also suggested they did it to keep it from possibly falling on someone. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong.

Park officials say it’s illegal to move the rock formation, which has likely been in place for 20 million years, and are now conducting an investigation. Taylor has apologized for pushing the rock but maintains that his intention was to keep other safe. He says, “I put my hand on a rock and it moved. While we were sitting right there we thought, ‘Man if this rock falls it’ll kill them.’ I didn’t have to push hard.” He says vandalism was not his intention.

Taylor is also in the midst of a lawsuit, claiming he was seriously disabled from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident.

Of course, if they didn’t upload the video to YouTube, no one would have ever known. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

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