Don’t Share This Stuff with Your New Guy
Don’t Share This Stuff with Your New Guy

It’s easy to get so excited about a new relationship that you want to share every deep, dark secret with that person. That’s totally OK − the getting to know you stage is really fun − but don’t turn revealing yourself into a TMI session. There are some things that should be kept to yourself, especially when you are just starting out.

Avoid these topics at all costs − he doesn’t want to know:

Anything dealing with that time of the month: Unless it has to do with your bedroom activities, leave the details and the asking him to buy you supplies out of the equation.

Gross habits you have: Don’t scare him away. Someday he might think the fact that you eat peanut butter out of the jar with your fingers is adorable, but for now keep it to yourself.

Insecurities: Nothing is a bigger turn off than putting yourself down − he thinks you’re beautiful, that’s why he’s with you. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Details about your ex: General stuff is fine, but no guy wants to hear about the details of your past relationships.

Your friend’s secrets: Don’t gossip with your guy − you might come off as catty. (GURL)

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