Epic Break Up Letter
Epic Break Up Letter

High-fives all around for the unidentified woman who has penned one of the most eloquent breakup letters ever, which is sweeping the Internet.

The woman had been dating a man for nine months and then, bam, one day, he just wasn’t into her anymore. Six weeks later, she found out via Facebook that he had been hooking up with a recent ex the whole time they had been dating. She wrote:

“Don’t worry, darling. My anger won’t last long. I know your life is already your punishment. A 40-year-old man of mediocre accomplishment who’s incapable of true intimacy, who casually lies and cheats, who’s being sued by his own aunt, who hardly has love of his own family, who has few friends and no community to speak of, who’s been living in his musty, forgotten childhood home in suburban New Jersey for almost a year … And then a woman comes along and tries to love him, encourage his dreams, invite him to be her ‘other whole,’ and he repays her kindness with lies, secrecy and a handful of [crappy] chocolates he probably picked up at the airport on his way home from France … This is who you are: an aging, sad, sneaky, devious man …” has the text in full. And yes, she sent it.

Here’s the link to see the full text….

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