Family of Local Big Brother Contestant Speak Out
Family of Local Big Brother Contestant Speak Out

I have been for years a super fan of the reality series “Big Brother”, so I was really excited when I heard a former soldier from Hopkinsville was on the show. His name is Caleb Reynolds, a self defined “Cowboy”, and a mighty fine looking one at that I might add! Since the show started airing however, it’s been anything but a stroll in the park for Caleb’s family after TMZ published a story alleging Caleb is racist and homophobic, based on some Instagram posts and comments from Caleb. He has also been criticized for a video showing him killing a wild boar and for his flirtation with fellow cast mate Amber.

Caleb’s brothers, Cole and Blake, took the time to chat with me by phone, and we discussed all the issues swirling in the media today about Caleb. Below you’ll find the podcasts of our conversation where you will hear the real story behind the hog killing video, what Caleb’s personality really is like outside the BB house, and why his brothers pick on him about his favorite movie (it’s The Notebook!). Take a listen and hear what they have to saw as they address the rumors and talk about Caleb’s game play.

If he wins how will Caleb spend the money?

What’s the story behind those controversial Instagram posts?

What has it been like for Caleb’s family to deal with all of the media scrutiny?

Is Caleb creeping on Amber or is she leading him on?

Did Caleb brutally murder an innocent pig?

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