Holiday Guide for Singles
Holiday Guide for Singles

Being single during the holidays can be a downer … especially when you just recently broke up with someone. You might feel depressed, but you’re not doomed to a miserable holiday. Here are some tips from Diana Kirchner, PhD., author of Love in 90 Days:

Use the therapist’s secret. If you’re facing a nosy relative who wants a play-by-play of your breakup, turn the tables by asking them about their love life (job, house, kids).

Take charge of your mood. You can decide to have a happy holiday, no matter what. There are plenty of ways to find joy in the holidays whether you’re single or not!

Don’t worry. You might be worried what people are saying about your breakup. But during the holidays, all you should worry about is enjoying time with family and friends.

Create your own personal tradition. Decide on a new holiday tradition that would make you happy, like going snow boarding or making your own cider. Invite friends to join you!

Create gratitude gifts. Write down 10 things you appreciate about everyone who’s important in your life. Give the list to them as holiday gifts.

Practice unselfish acts. When you give and expect nothing in return, you’ll be amazed at how great it makes you feel.

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