How to Break Up with a Nice Guy
How to Break Up with a Nice Guy

It’s hard to break up with somebody. It’s especially hard when that someone is a really nice guy.

Here are a few handy tips on how to let the nice guy down easy …

Be sensitive – Chances are, this will come out of left field for him, so be sensitive to how hard this will be to hear.

Be respectful – Pick a time and place where you can meet privately and in person. (Don’t kick him to the curb while he’s literally on the curb.)

Be firm – He’ll probably give you all kinds of reasons hoping to change your mind, so be strong in your convictions and give him a solid reason to shut the negotiations down.

Don’t promise – It might be tempting to let him down easy by promising to stay close friends, but that will be misleading for him to the point where he’s just waiting around for you to come back. So don’t promise. (Yahoo)

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