Lip Gloss Addiction
Lip Gloss Addiction

I have a friend who has a problem. She said I could use her name for this story, because she really wants help. I however have made the decision to protect her identity in hopes that she already knows for herself that her issue is a major problem.

She is……addicted to……lip gloss.

The picture you see above is proof of her raging addiction. After getting a new car recently this is what she found in her old car. This might seem excessive, but it’s only the beginning. These tubes of lip gloss populate her purse, husbands truck, and every nook and cranny in her home. She buys them by the case, which is why no one else can find this particular product at the local Wally World.

If you, or a someone you know cannot own enough lip gloss, share your story! It is time to bring this secret into the light of day! Together we can find a cure before our friends lose everything at the expense of shiny lips.

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