Listener Love Questions by CC Carmack
Listener Love Questions by CC Carmack

I received this email from a listener recently:

I met my boyfriend, Tom, online three months ago and things have been going great.

We spend all our time together and have already met most of each other’s friends and family.

But for some reason, Tom is totally uncomfortable telling everyone we met on a dating site, so he lies and says we met at a coffee shop.

The worst part is, he didn’t even clear this with me before he said it the first time and it caught me totally off guard!

Do you think this means he’s a sketchy guy? Should I just go with the lie? Is this weird?


You certainly need to have a discussion with him Kathleen. There could be no sinister agenda behind it, he might even fear your friends and family won’t accept him if they know the truth. Or, he could be a compulsive liar. Either way you need to know now, so put the big girl panties on and ask him.

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