Middle Schoolers Busted for Using Toy Guns at Home
Middle Schoolers Busted for Using Toy Guns at Home

Apparently, you can’t play with toy guys out of school without facing the wrath of your school. That’s what two Virginia middle school students learned after they were given long-term suspensions for shooting airsoft guns near one of the students’ houses.

The pair of seventh graders — Aidan Clark and Khalid Caraballo — have been suspended until June 2014 and might even be expelled for possession and the handling of a firearm.

The boys shot two other friends who were playing with them with plastic pellets as they waited for their school bus. Larkspur Middle School officials claim they have the right to suspend the boys, since they allegedly fired the guns at the bus stop, which is considered to be on school grounds.

However, the boys claim they were on Caraballo’s private property, which is 70 feet away from the bus stop.

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