No More Stinky Feet
No More Stinky Feet

My 11 year old son has the most wretched smelling feet. Actually it’s his shoes, most days I have to set them outside so my house doesn’t smell like a zombie locker room. Which is why i am so happy to come across these tips for smelly shoes. I’ll be trying these tips, all of them!

It’s getting hot out there. And with every step you take in your shoes, the more of a sweaty mess they become.

Here are some deodorizing tips that might just save your sneakers … and your wallet:

Leave a few orange peels in your shoes.

Sprinkle some vanilla extract onto some newspaper, crumple it up and put it in your shoes.

Dump a bunch of baking soda in your shoes, seal them in Ziploc bags, and stick them in the freezer over night.

Your shoes (and your loved ones) will thank you! (HuffingtonPost)

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