Octomom to Octobong?  By CC Carmack
Octomom to Octobong? By CC Carmack

Nadya Suleman, aka “The Octo Mom” is back in the news. Is it because she’s going to do another strip show? No, but she is doing that again very soon. Have Child Protective Services been called again? No, well, kind of….a former nanny reported her recently for using drugs around the 14 kids. But as it turns out she just might not be breaking the law if she is getting high.

Suleman has obtained a legal medical marijuana card. TMZ reports she consumes cookies and other baked goods that contain the bud. She allegedly obtained the card for anxiety, however, it’s interesting to note that she got the card TWO DAYS after leaving rehab for a Xanax addiction. Did she go to Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?

So do you think it’s okay for her to consume medical marijuana while caring for her children, or does this cross the line into way bad parenting? Tell me what you think, I might mention your comment on the air!

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