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Lemonade filming at Thorpe Park

Monday, June 9, 201406/09/2014

CC Carmack and the Roller Coaster

Over the weekend I conquered a fear of mine. Okay, maybe conquered is stretching it a bit. It was more…

flight wedding

Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

A Couple Got Engaged and Then Married During a Flight

A travel agency in Europe has a new ad where a guy proposes to his girlfriend on an airplane .…

The annual London Zombie Walk

Monday, June 2, 201406/02/2014

“The Walking Dead” . . . If It Was an 80’s Sitcom

Have you ever wondered what “The Walking Dead” would be like as a bad 80’s sitcom? Yeah, no one has.…

Yahoo! Wireless Festival

Wednesday, May 14, 201405/14/2014

The Top Things Jay Z Worries About

Even though Jay Z is filthy-rich, married to BeyoncĂ©, and has a beautiful daughter . . . he’s still got…

Vicki Gunvalson leaving her hotel in NYC

Tuesday, May 13, 201405/13/2014

Real Housewife Thinks People in Kentucky Don’t Go to College

I admit my love of trashy, worthless, reality TV. And one of my favorites is the Real Housewives Franchise on…

jay z fight

Monday, May 12, 201405/12/2014

Solange Knowles/Jay Z Fight

According to TMZ, an elevator security camera in the Standard Hotel picked up an altercation between Solange Knowles and Jay…


Monday, May 5, 201405/05/2014

Eight Simple Things That Seriously Improve Your Appearance

It’s one thing to make yourself more attractive by WORKING at it. But anyone can do that. The holy grail…


Thursday, April 24, 201404/24/2014

A Montage of Infomercial Actors Struggling to Do Stuff

In every infomercial, they show someone struggling to do something simple . . . like use plastic wrap or crack…


Wednesday, April 23, 201404/23/2014

A Toddler Thinks He Can Control the TV with His Magic Wand

Here’s a trick to play on your kids. They have to be young enough to not understand how a REMOTE…

shutterstock_122260279 (1)

Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

The Top Five Ways to Get Revenge When Someone Dumps You

When you DUMP someone, apparently there’s a one in 12 chance they’ll get over it by RUINING YOU. Are you…

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