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Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

Kindergarten Brawl

In Cleveland, Ohio, a brawl between some teenagers and adults broke out near the end of a kindergarten graduation ceremony.…


Monday, June 3, 201306/03/2013

From Cheerios to Racism in 30 Seconds

I thought we’re in the year 2013. But this morning I turned on the news to hear about a controversy…


Thursday, May 30, 201305/30/2013


This could be the perfect new workout for you!


Thursday, May 23, 201305/23/2013

Listener Email

I have a conundrum about the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend and I could really use your help. I haven’t taken…


Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

Tiny Package Contest

Amy Arciulo, a bar manager in NYC, thinks that men with small package make better lovers. In fact, Amy is…

66th Cannes Film Festival

Monday, May 20, 201305/20/2013

Monday Funnies

Monday’s can be rough, so here’s something that makes me laugh no matter my mood! Come on down to Veganville!


Friday, May 17, 201305/17/2013

A Soul Train Moment for Gretchen

Daft Punk’s latest single “Get Lucky” is brilliantly and perfectly mashed up with old dance footage from Soul Train. This…


Thursday, May 16, 201305/16/2013


We may have reached the bacon apex, as hard as that is to believe. The “Bacon Weave Taco” is a…


Wednesday, May 15, 201305/15/2013

Roaches for Dinner?

They’re slimy and satisfying, according to a new 200-page report from the U.N. encouraging the world to eat more insects.…


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

Divorced Dating Advice Needed!

I’m 35 and have never been married. I love dating, but I’ve always had a standing rule that I would…

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