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Thursday, July 25, 201307/25/2013

Say This, Don’t Say That

Great advice for a first date…


Monday, July 22, 201307/22/2013

16 Ways Not to Ruin a Marriage

I came across the photo and story on Facebook. If you’re divorced and wondering how you can avoid another failed…


Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

What a Man Wants, Really, Really Wants

Guys might pretend they don’t want to hear compliments, and they don’t always receive them that well, but the truth…


Thursday, June 27, 201306/27/2013

A Broken Headlight and a Bra

Police in Polk County, Florida are under fire for asking a woman to shake her bra during a traffic stop.…


Tuesday, June 25, 201306/25/2013

The 15%

The controversy from the interracial Cheerios commercial has died down some, but one couple is determined to keep this topic…


Monday, June 24, 201306/24/2013

Best Time to Grocery Shop

None of us like to deal with busy grocery stores. You bang your carts into a steady stream of oncoming…


Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

The Nice Divorce

90210 star Jennie Garth and Twilight star Peter Facinelli are officially divorced as of early this week. The couple separated…


Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

No More Stinky Feet

My 11 year old son has the most wretched smelling feet. Actually it’s his shoes, most days I have to…


Tuesday, June 4, 201306/04/2013

Kindergarten Brawl

In Cleveland, Ohio, a brawl between some teenagers and adults broke out near the end of a kindergarten graduation ceremony.…


Monday, June 3, 201306/03/2013

From Cheerios to Racism in 30 Seconds

I thought we’re in the year 2013. But this morning I turned on the news to hear about a controversy…

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