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Celebrities practice their dives for the upcoming ABC show 'Splash'

Monday, March 11, 201303/11/2013

New Way to Burn Fat

NEW FAT LOSS FAD If you dream of losing that spare tire around your waist but you just can’t be…

wenn2033281 (1)

Thursday, March 7, 201303/07/2013


Watch and laugh, maybe cringe.


Tuesday, March 5, 201303/05/2013

Money Saving Easter Tip

CC Carmack gives you a fun Easter tip that will save you money!

ng the voice 170912

Thursday, February 28, 201302/28/2013

Adam Levine and a First Date

Find out what a first date would be like with Adam Levine’s Maroon 5!


Wednesday, February 27, 201302/27/2013

Lindsey Lohan….Coming to a School Near You?

Will La Lohan make a good motivational speaker?

ng dancing stars 2 271112

Tuesday, February 26, 201302/26/2013

Dancing with the Stars Cast List

Which new Dancing with the Stars contestant is most likely to have a meltdown?


Friday, February 22, 201302/22/2013

Curling Iron OOPS!

Meet Tori. Tori is an aspiring beautician. Tori wants to teach you how to curl your hair. Tori is in…

octomum boxing 210811

Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

Octomom to Octobong? By CC Carmack

Nadya Suleman, aka “The Octo Mom” is back in the news. Is it because she’s going to do another strip…

Justin Bieber performs at The O2

Wednesday, February 20, 201302/20/2013

Justin Bieber Murder Plot Phone Call by CC Carmack

A phone conversation between two men who planned to murder and castrate¬†Justin Bieber¬†and his bodyguard has been released. Convicted murderer…

archive film kisses 060209

Friday, February 15, 201302/15/2013

Listener Love Questions by CC Carmack

I received this email from a listener recently: I met my boyfriend, Tom, online three months ago and things have…

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