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Wednesday, January 21, 201501/21/2015

The Unhealthiest Thing on the Menu at 10 Fast Food Joints

Pretty much EVERY type of fast food is bad for you. But if your go-to item is any of THIS…


Tuesday, January 20, 201501/20/2015

Twerking Trick Gone Wrong

So this girl is hanging out of the passenger side door, and apparently she’s actually doing a dance called the…


Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Four Ways Your Underwear Can Affect Your HEALTH.

Tighty-whities turn 80 years old today. A company in Chicago started selling them on January 19th, 1935. Before that, guys…


Wednesday, January 14, 201501/14/2015

Ariana Grande/The Weeknd “Love Me Harder” Video

The music video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who also helmed the clip for Grande’s joint single “Bang Bang.”…


Tuesday, January 13, 201501/13/2015

Drunk Woman at Monster Truck Rally Talks About Her Relationship

On Saturday, someone from a radio station in Atlanta went to interview people at a monster truck rally. And they…


Monday, January 12, 201501/12/2015

Woman Whispers in a YouTube Video to Give People Tingly Feelings

Here’s one of the weirder YouTube channels we’ve seen . . . and that’s saying something. There’s a 28-year-old in…


Thursday, January 8, 201501/08/2015

New Ellie Goulding Video

“Fifty Shades of Grey” has officially been given an “R” rating, for all the usual reasons, like “adult language”, “sexual…


Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

First New Social Media Trend of 2015

We’re only five days into 2015 and we’ve already got the first new social media trend of the year. And…


Friday, January 2, 201501/02/2015

Puppy Belly Cuteness

How can you not smile when you look at these adorable doggie bellies????


Tuesday, December 30, 201412/30/2014

New Years Eve Splash!

The City of Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a New Year’s Eve Party at the indoor aquatic center.…

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