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Tuesday, June 2, 201506/02/2015

Details from Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since His Car Crash

I was moved to tears, literally, when I watched this interview.


Monday, June 1, 201506/01/2015

Watch a Spider Crawl Out of a Guy’s…….


Friday, May 22, 201505/22/2015

Little Girl Offers Dog a Little Encouragement

Everyone needs a little encouragement once in a while.


Thursday, May 21, 201505/21/2015

Relight a Candle by Lighting the Smoke

Here’s a good party trick . . . just don’t burn your friend’s house down.  Right after you blow out…


Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Woman Face-Plants and Misses Her Daughter’s Proposal

A guy named Bill Devaney recently proposed to his girlfriend Breanne on the shore of Lake Michigan. Now the video…


Tuesday, May 19, 201505/19/2015

Parrot Pulls a Kid’s Loose Tooth

I’m not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot…

16th Annual Tiger Jam Rocks Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Featuring: Tiger Woods,Lindsey Vonn
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
When: 18 May 2014
Credit: DJDM/

Wednesday, May 13, 201505/13/2015

Tiger Woods May Have Cheated on Lindsey Vonn

It’s shocking that this rumor took more than a week to get going, but here it is:  TIGER WOODS and…

A smiling Lindsay Lohan leaves the Chiltern Firehouse wrapped up warm up for the winter weather in a thick fur coat and trilby hat

Featuring: Lindsay Lohan
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 10 Dec 2014

Tuesday, May 12, 201505/12/2015

Lindsay Lohan Will Work with Children

I can’t think of anything that could possibly go wrong here:  LINDSAY LOHAN is going to spend the next two…


Monday, May 11, 201505/11/2015

Woman Sues For Child Support . . . and Finds Her Twins Have Different Fathers

This is what happens when random luck, crazy biology, and having unprotected sex with a bunch of different dudes COLLIDE.…

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