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Tuesday, September 30, 201409/30/2014

New Music from Lorde

LORDE is handling the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″, and she just released the first song, which…


Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

A Drunk Guy Rides a Sheep, and Gets Owned

The main thing that sucks about getting hammered and playing with farm animals is that they don’t like it .…


Monday, September 22, 201409/22/2014

This is What It Sounds Like When Koalas Argue

Videos of cute animals are the bane of the internet. In that spirit . . . who wants to watch…

butterfly flute

Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

A Butterfly Lands on a Woman’s……

Call it grace under pressure, incredible focus, whatever you want, but this video is amazing! During a music competition in…


Wednesday, September 3, 201409/03/2014

Who’s Huge on YouTube? This 19-Year-Old Named Bethany Mota

Here’s someone ELSE who’s huge on YouTube because of your KIDS . . . that you’ve never heard of. Some…

american horror

Friday, August 29, 201408/29/2014

American Horror Story Trailer

A promo picture for “American Horror Story: Freak Show” hit the web yesterday, and it gives us a few character…


Tuesday, August 26, 201408/26/2014

Tasty Tuesday Recipe just put out a list of the unofficial DESSERT of all 50 states. They got some no-brainers right .…

Wireless Festival 2014 - Day 3 - Performances

Monday, August 25, 201408/25/2014

Video of Iggy Azalea Falling Off the Stage During a “VMA” Pre-Show

IGGY AZALEA fell off the stage while performing her song “Fancy” at a pre-“VMA” show in L.A. on Friday. It…

David Beckham plays his first match for PSG

Wednesday, August 20, 201408/20/2014

David Beckham Takes Ice Water Challenge- SHIRTLESS!

Stop what you’re doing because something very important, and very beautiful has happened. And that something is David Beckham doing…


Tuesday, August 19, 201408/19/2014

These Goats Are The Internet Friends You Never Knew You Needed

I LOVE goats!!! This vine will make you smile, and sooth your craving for funny goatness

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