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Friday, April 11, 201404/11/2014

Seven Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Your boss pretty much controls your life. So it’s important that you don’t MESS UP when you’re talking to the…

lindsey letterman

Thursday, April 10, 201404/10/2014

Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman Prank Calling Oprah

LINDSAY LOHAN was on “Letterman” last night . . . and during her interview, she and Dave prank called OPRAH…

carwash tot

Tuesday, April 8, 201404/08/2014

A Terrified Two-Year-Old Goes Through a Car Wash for the First Time

A video of a two-year-old experiencing her first drive-thru CAR WASH is making the rounds. And it’s funny to watch,…

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2014

Monday, April 7, 201404/07/2014

Pharrell on SNL

Pharrell Williams gave a spectacular performance of “Happy” on SNL this weekend. Here’s the video in case you missed it.

apple peeler

Thursday, April 3, 201404/03/2014

Peel an Apple in 3 Seconds

Here’s something to try the next time you’re cooking and have to peel a bunch of stuff. There’s a video…


Thursday, March 27, 201403/27/2014

Ten Small Changes That Lead to Weight Loss

Scientists figured out that people who make SMALL changes actually lose more weight than people who go hardcore with diet…

Richard Dean Anderson

Tuesday, March 25, 201403/25/2014

MacGyver Easy Life Hacks

Check out six MacGyver style tricks you can use at home, reusing everyday stuff . . 1. Use a squeeze…


Friday, March 21, 201403/21/2014

Sellotape Selfies

Simply sharing a photo of your face isn’t enough to get people excited anymore. These days, you have to raise…

Exxxotica Expo 2013

Thursday, March 20, 201403/20/2014

Farrah Abraham Has a Music Video

C’mon, you know you want to see this! For all of you aspiring singers and artists out there, this should…

Wetten Dass ZDF TV show in Duesseldorf

Thursday, March 13, 201403/13/2014

Thowback Thursday- Pharrell

Pharrell Williams, the voice behind the hit song “Happy” released his debut solo album “In My Mind” in 2006. Back…

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