Post Grammy Wrap-Up by CC Carmack
Post Grammy Wrap-Up by CC Carmack

Last night music’s biggest stars, and some people like Chris Brown, showed up and out for the 55th Grammy Awards.  Many waited with baited breath to see what the stars would show, or wouldn’t, after a memo issued by the CBS legal team was leaked to the media.  You should know this memo goes out every year, this just happens to be the first time we’ve heard about it publicly.

As for performances, Carrie Underwood was superb.  Yes the visual effects were stunning, but what impressed me most were her vocals.  As did Rhianna and Alicia Keyes.  These ladies showed what real singers are made of, and reminded us of why we want to hear them on our radios.

In my opinion however, the same cannot be said for Taylor Swift.  I think aliens abducted her one night and sucked her brain out.  First of all she’s an auto tune studio singer.  Just listen to a few moments of her performance last night and I think you’ll agree.  She sounded like any girl you can hear doing karaoke in the local bar on Friday nights.

Talyor is smart when it comes to the music business, and she’s lucky.  Lucky that auto tune exists, lucky tweens can convince their parents to buy her music for them, and most of all lucky she didn’t run into Kanye.

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