Real Housewife Thinks People in Kentucky Don’t Go to College
Real Housewife Thinks People in Kentucky Don’t Go to College

I admit my love of trashy, worthless, reality TV. And one of my favorites is the Real Housewives Franchise on Bravo. Orange County has always been the one I most look forward to, with Beverly Hills running a close second. So last night I was camped out in my bed after I put my son to bed, settled in for an hour of botoxed brattiness among these privileged women.

One scene showed the ladies in a limo on a girl’s night out. Vicki Gunvalson was meeting for the first time new character Lizzy Rovsek. Vicki is known for not being very welcoming or nice to new girls, remember Gretchen? Lizzy was sharing s ome of her background, you know, the way people do when they are getting to know one another. Lizzy mentioned she was valedictorian of her graduating class from the University of Kentucky, as well as a former Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. That was all the ammo Vicki needed.

Vicki went on to question how many people were in Lizzy’s graduating class, with the insinuation people in Kentucky don’t go to or graduate from college. Though she didn’t say that precisely her tone and expression clearly reflected what she intended.

I know a lot of you listen from Kentucky, and I just have to say, who does this woman think she is? Since when is it lady-like to stereo-type and put down an entire state???? For your information Vicki, the University of Kentucky has more than 120 graduate programs, and averages more than 28,000 students per term. And despite being in Kentucky, the University has yielded some rather notable graduates, including Nobel Prize winners William Lipscomb and Thomas H. Morgan.

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Watch the video and then let Ms. Gunvalson know what YOU think!

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