Sellotape Selfies
Sellotape Selfies

Simply sharing a photo of your face isn’t enough to get people excited anymore. These days, you have to raise the stakes. So allow us to introduce you to the newest STUPID PHOTO TREND.

They’re called SELLOTAPE SELFIES . . . you wrap clear PACKING TAPE or Scotch tape around your face and head, to contort your face into the most hideous, gargoyle version possible.

It looks painful . . . not only are you contorting your face, but all the ones we’ve seen involve people having the tape on their HAIR. And removing it just CAN’T feel good. That being said . . . the photos are kind of great.

So if you want to participate in the newest descendant of planking and Tebowing, get yourself some tape and start wrapping your head.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page dedicated to this trend.

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