What a Man Wants, Really, Really Wants
What a Man Wants, Really, Really Wants

Guys might pretend they don’t want to hear compliments, and they don’t always receive them that well, but the truth is he loves getting them! If you wanna make your man do an internal happy dance, here are the most flattering things you can say to him:

He looks good: Guys care just as much about how they look as women do, they just express it differently. Letting a guy know you notice when he puts some effort into his look and you like it will make his day!

He’s good in bed: Guys are very sensitive and oftentimes insecure about performance. Letting him know how much you enjoy yourself with him will make him more confident – and confidence leads to even better performances.

He’s funny: Women like a sense of humor in a man and a guy wants to know he is appealing to women – so by process of elimination, letting him know how fun and funny he is translates to you are a great catch!

That he is a hard worker: Letting him know how proud of him you are for being awesome at his job makes him want to be even more successful! (Betty Confidential)

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