What has Happened to Motherhood?
What has Happened to Motherhood?

My two greatest accomplishments in life are my two children. Period. I have a daughter who will turn 18 this weekend and a son who will soon be 11. Every day that passes I feel the tug of time and wish I could slow it down, I love being a mom that much. Which is why I cannot for the life of me understand what is wrong with some moms today, like the one in the story below.

This woman left her INFANT locked in a car in a grocery store parking lot with a note saying her mom was shopping and if the baby needed anything to call the cell phone number listed.


This was in New Zealand, but there’ve been countless stories, many local even, of children being left in vehicles. Some were found during the heat of summer. Some suffered tragic consequences. It goes against all common sense to me that a mother would leave her child unattended and in danger from the elements and strangers.

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