4th Brigade Combat Team inactivates

4th Brigade Combat Team inactivates

Photo: Clarksville Now


Lee Erwin reporting

Fort Campbell, KY. – As changes come to the Army and to Fort Campbell, the 4th Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 506th Infantry Regiment was inactivated in a ceremony held Friday, April 25.

“As part of the Army’s 2020 model, the division is reducing the 4th Brigade Combat Team and realigning its two infantry battalions under the 1st and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams and distributing the remaining elements across the division,” said General James McConville, Commander of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

Clarksvillenow.com recently sat down with Lieutenant Colonel Lance Oskey, The Deputy Commander of the 4th Brigade Combat Team. Colonel Oskey spoke with pride about the Army and the Currahees along with some sadness about the brigade’s inactivation.

Colonel Oskey talked about his 20 years of service in the Army and how he began his military career at Fort Campbell serving as a Lieutenant in the 1st of the 327th Bastogne Bulldogs in the 1st Brigade. Oskey talked about returning to the 101st and his service with the 506th Infantry Regiment.

“So now 20 years later coming back from a deployment to Afghanistan, adding the Screaming eagle patch to my right shoulder is something I’m equally glad to be able to do. But with it is sadness and it is bittersweet as we are now going through this inactivation process,” said Oskey.

Colonel Oskey said that all of the people, all of their equipment and all of their facilities are being transferred and transitioned in one form or another. The Colonel said nothing will be mothballed or put in a warehouse. Some equipment will go to other units at Fort Campbell and across the Army or National Guard and Army Reserve units.

When it comes to the close to 3,500 Soldiers of the 506th Infantry Regiment, the Colonel said some will go through normal reassignment to other stations. The 1st and 2nd Battalions will realign with other brigades and the regimental colors, unit histories and the proud Currahee name will continue to exist within the 101st.

4th BCT 506th Infantry Regiment 2013 Afghanistan deployment photos courtesy of 4th Brigade Public Affairs Office

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