Pharrell Williams ‘loves all women’

Pharrell Williams ‘loves all women’

HE'S 'HAPPY' TO APPRECIATE WOMEN:"Every woman is different and that makes them special," Pharrell Williams says. "It's like snowflakes; they're both super cool but none of them are the same." Photo: Associated Press

Pharrell Williams hopes his new album, “G I R L,” helps empower women – because they need help with equality issues.

The “Happy” hitmaker admits he’s in love with all women, because every single female is special and represents something magical – but he’s not sure men truly appreciate them.

He says, “Once a month they go through something that we’ll never understand and yet they still come to work and they still kick (butt)… If women wanted to, like, cripple an economy, they just don’t go to work and don’t come home (and) that country’s dead for that day.

“The idea that we, as a species, have travelled to the moon back in ’69, we’ve had a space station that’s been hovering around the planet for about maybe 20 years (and it) hasn’t touched the earth’s soil, and we have a rover on the surface of Mars and yet we’re the same species that has legislation in place, where women can’t do… where they’re being told what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

“My album is not a problem solver, it’s not the resolution… I just wanted to start the debate… I just love them (women) and I love every part of them. I love the nasty parts and I love the intelligent parts.

“Every woman is different and that makes them special. It’s like snowflakes; they’re both super cool but none of them are the same.”

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