Illegal Yoga Pants

A Montana lawmaker has introduced a bill that would make wearing yoga pants in public illegal.

Cheese Dust

Michelle Obama has taken some heat recently for saying that they don’t eat Mac and Cheese out of a box because cheese dust is not food.

Parenting Fail!

We talked about a story involving a mother who got arrested for the extreme lengths she went to to teach her child a lesson.

Magic Mike and “Pony”

We saw the new “Magic Mike XXL” trailer this morning that features the classic sexy song “Pony” from Ginuwine.

Coke Milk

Coke recently bought a high end milk company and will be selling this fancy milk in stores soon.

Stuffing Our Faces For The Super Bowl

We talked about this new study that found that week before the Super Bowl is the week where Americans consume more calories per serving than any other week.

Uncle Mike

We found a great story about a guy, who we assumed was the “cool uncle”, that got arrested for pulling kids on their sleds behind his truck during the blizzard.

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