Gretchen On “Survivor Oz”

A Survivor podcast from Australia has been trying to get Gretchen to do an interview for ten years and she has said no to every request until now.

Marvel The Mustang

Gretchen found a toy from her childhood while thrifting that her sister always claimed was hers.

The King of All Swears

Ryan’s son Koen found out that the new Maroon 5 song “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” has a radio safe version and a not radio safe version that features what he called the “King of all Swears”.

Dads And Shopping

Dads are doing more shopping for the household than ever before, but they use way less coupons than women.

Gretchen’s Bathing Suit

We talked about the time Gretchen was lifeguarding at a Church camp in a very modest one piece swimming suit and was asked to cover it up.

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