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One Legged Man Steals Homeless Woman’s Rental Car
One Legged Man Steals Homeless Woman’s Rental Car

 A homeless woman in a rental vehicle decided to help a one leg man in a wheel chair because he looked tired, was rewarded for her good deed by having the rental vehicle stolen by the very man that she endeavored to help.

On March 12, 2013, around 5:45 pm, a 42 year old woman with her 18 year old son were in a 2012 Chevrolet Impala and saw a one leg man in a wheelchair in the parking lot of the Mall at 670 N. Riverside Drive.  He appeared tired to the woman so she offered the man a ride.  The man accepted the ride and the woman and her son helped the man into the back seat of the rental car and loaded the wheelchair into the trunk of car.  The man asked the woman if she would go through the drive thru at Taco Bell so he could purchase some food.   The woman complied with his request.  After they left from Taco Bell, the woman and her son started to discuss some personal matters.  They decided they did not want to discuss personal matters in front of a stranger, so they pulled over in the mall’s parking lot at 670 N. Riverside and got out of the vehicle to talk.  While they were outside of the vehicle, the man climbed from the back seat into the front seat and drove off in the vehicle.  Officers flooded the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.  The vehicle was last seen headed south on North Second Street.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5’7”, 250 lbs. and is missing his left leg. The vehicle is a 2012 Chevrolet Impala, gold, TN Tag, J7498C.

Latest update of the story from officer Jim Knoll

The vehicle which was reported stolen and the man who allegedly stole the vehicle were located by officers on the parking lot of the North Second Street McDonald’s (Clarksville) in the parking lot around 1:30 pm today. The man, CRAIG A. FUNCHES, was taken in custody without incident.  The continuing investigation by Detective Chris Nolder, uncovered some facts which were not previously provided to officers.  CRAIG FUNCHES was not a total stranger to the victim, SABRINA TAYLOR.  She knew him to a certain extent and had previously helped out FUNCHES since he was Homeless.  FUNCHES admitted to taking the vehicle from the victim at Taco, but made several attempts to contact Taylor throughout the evening of the 12th and morning of the 13th, by calling and texting trying to return the vehicle, but was unsuccessful.  On the 13th  Funches contacted the rental car company to return the vehicle and pay the balance owed.  He took Taylor’s personal property to her previous residence and was taken into custody prior to returning the vehicle to the rental company.

CRAIG A. FUNCHES (B/M, DOB: 8/27/77, GIVEN ADDRESS: HOMELESS) was booked into Montgomery County Jail and charged with:  JOYRIDING; Bond: $250. The vehicle was returned to the rental car company. No additional charges are expected.


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