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Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

What Santa Does When He Finds Out The Little Girl On His Lap Is Deaf Will Make Your Day

It’s the video that made Gretchen cry this morning.


Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

This Dubstep Christmas House Will Blow Your Mind!

How would you like to live across the street from this house?


Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

Businessman Pays For 400 Soldier’s Lunches At The Airport

LA businessman Shlomo Rechnitz saw soldiers eating rations at the airport and decided to pay for them to eat at one of the airport’s restaurants.

wheres the baby

Monday, December 7, 201512/07/2015

Parents Surprise Daughters With Adopted Baby Brother Under The Christmas Tree

These little girls got a early surprise under the Christmas tree.


Wednesday, December 2, 201512/02/2015

Deer Flips Through The Air During Collision and Walks Away!

Holy Cow!


Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

83 Year Old Man Has Dance Moves That Make Ryan Jealous

This video will make your day.


Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

This German Christmas Commercial Will Make You Think

Watch all the way till the end, Gretchen says if someone did this to her she would be ticked.


Tuesday, December 1, 201512/01/2015

New 360 Degree Video Puts You Right In The Middle Of An Orchestra

The possibilities are endless with this new 360 degree video.

woman on computer

Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

Cyber Monday Shopping Deals

Are you planning on doing some Christmas shopping for Cyber Monday?


Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

She Was Afraid To Answer The Door, Then They Start Singing

Proof that you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

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