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Monday, February 22, 201602/22/2016

The Parent Fantasy Hotline

Every parent needs this every once in a while.

106 year old

Monday, February 22, 201602/22/2016

106 Year Old Virginia McLaurin Turns A White House Visit Into A Dance Party

Virginia has more energy at 106 then most of us had in our 20s!


Friday, February 19, 201602/19/2016

Your Office Needs These Self Parking Chairs

Never trip over a chair trying to get to a meeting again!

Adele pictured arriving at the Radio 2 studio to appear on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show to promote her new song, 'Hello' which is her first for 3 years

Featuring: Adele Adkins
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 23 Oct 2015
Credit: Mario Mitsis/WENN.com

Friday, February 19, 201602/19/2016

Adele and Ellen Prank the Jamba Juice

Adele is really a good actress!


Thursday, February 18, 201602/18/2016

New Cabbage Patch Doll’s Creepy Eyes Will Peer Into Your Soul

There is on escaping the new Cabbage Patch kids.


Thursday, February 18, 201602/18/2016

Chris Stapleton Sings The Words You Hate

Grammy Winner Chris Stapleton sings all your favorite irritating words.


Wednesday, February 17, 201602/17/2016

Your Kids Are Going To Need The New Nerf Battle Racer

Do they make a grown up version?

the war horse

Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

You Can Help Create A News Source For Veterans, By Veterans

The War Horse is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news resource for Veterans and Military members.


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

Lady Gaga’s Grammy Tribute To David Bowie

Lady Gaga pays tribute to the late David Bowie.


Monday, February 15, 201602/15/2016

Dad Arrested After Taking Daughter’s Cell Phone as Punishment

Cops were called when dad took daughter’s phone as punishment

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