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woman cooking

Friday, August 21, 201508/21/2015

20 Recipes Of Thing You Should Make And Never Buy

How many of these do you make yourself?


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

Acceptable Cat Calls For Men To Yell At Women

It’s time for men to change up their cat call game.


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

This Guy Is Living As David Bowie For An Entire Year

If you could live as a celebrity for a year, who would it be?


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

This Tattoo Cover-up Makeup Is Amazing

This stuff really looks like it works.


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

The Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart

This looks really good.

buffalo bill

Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

It Puts The House On…. The Market. “Silence Of The Lambs” House For Sale

The “Buffalo Bill” house is for sale, would you buy it?


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

“Football Player” Joins Dancers At Halftime And Got Down

He’s not an actual football player but he is an amazing dancer.

putin in the sky

Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

People See The Face Of Vladimir Putin In Swirling Birds

These swirling birds in New York make a recognizable face.


Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

Annoying Road Trip

This guys mix tape is on point.


Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

This Young Man Saved A Woman’s Life

He noticed a young woman was in need of help and he sprang into action.

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