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nail polish 2

Friday, July 10, 201507/10/2015

What Color Nail Polish Best Matches Those Shoes?

It’s like the dress all over again.


Friday, July 10, 201507/10/2015

What Do You Call These

There is a lot of debate as to what these frozen “treats” are actually called.

wedding couple 2

Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

24 Unconventional Wedding Foods Your Guests Will Obsess Over

Your guest will never forget your wedding if you serve some of these.


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

The Crowd Expects The Beat To Drop, They Get Something Unexpected

DJ trolls entire audience.


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

Sgt. Canvas is Called Home

Veteran says goodbye to his canine partner.


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

What This Woman Does With Old Wedding Flowers Is Incredible

Wedding flowers live a new life long after the “I do”s are exchanged.


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

Woman Offers Shark Safety Advice

Just in time for Shark week.


Wednesday, July 8, 201507/08/2015

Maker Camp Is Back!

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer? Try “Maker Camp”.


Wednesday, July 8, 201507/08/2015

Ariana Grande Loves To Lick Other People’s Donuts and Hates America

The pop star acts like a fool and is caught on camera.


Wednesday, July 8, 201507/08/2015

240 Years Of Army Uniforms in Two Minutes

To celebrate 240 years of the United States Army, here are all the uniforms in two minutes.

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