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Donald Trump admitted to having over 9 billion dollars of his own money which he might use if he is elected president. He launched his campaign today surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren

Featuring: Donald Trump
Where: New York, New York, United States
When: 16 Jun 2015
Credit: Michael Carpenter/WENN.com

**Not available for New York Daily News.**

Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Yes, There Is a Sexy Donald Trump Costume For Halloween

If you were still trying to decide what to go for Halloween as, how about sexy Donald Trump?


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

A Donkey In a Hammock

Because why not?!

woman fist pump

Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Dad Writes Amazing Letter To His Daughter

The letter this dad writes his young daughter will make you smile, and maybe even cry a little.


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

New York City Rat Working Hard For A Slice Of Pizza

This little guy really wanted to take this pizza home with him.


Tuesday, September 22, 201509/22/2015

Dad You Don’t Understand Weddings At All!

This little girl explains to her dad what weddings are all about and how he should behave.


Monday, September 21, 201509/21/2015

Where The Heck Is He Hiding Those Cards?!

This magician is really good at this card trick.


Monday, September 21, 201509/21/2015

Man Sings To His Dying Wife, And There Is Not A Dry Eye In The Room

Laura and Howard were married for 73 years, watch as Howard sings Laura their favorite song before she passes.


Monday, September 21, 201509/21/2015

Little Girl Wants Her Divorced Parents To Be Friends

The sweetest little girl just wants mom and dad to get along.


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

Adorable Baby Fights Off Sleep In His High Chair

Ryan’s buddy Andrew captured this adorable video of his son Coleman fighting sleep in his high chair.


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

Lady Gaga’s New Video Tackles A Tough Subject

Lady Gaga takes a stand against rape on college campuses. Warning: Graphic Content.

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