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Friday, November 20, 201511/20/2015

You Have Never Seen Star Wars Quite Like This

A low budget shot for shot remake of the Star Wars “The Force Awakens” trailer.


Friday, November 20, 201511/20/2015

Couple Has The Best Reaction To The News That They Are Going To Be Grandparents

A creative way to share the news ends with not a dry eye in the room.


Thursday, November 19, 201511/19/2015

Artist Uses Chain Saw To Cut Down Tree Into Library

What an awesome idea.


Thursday, November 19, 201511/19/2015

Clarksville Artists Cover Adele’s Hello, And It Is Awesome

Lawton and Maddi of Minours do a great job covering Adele’s “Hello”.


Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Mom’s Singing Brings Baby To Tears of Joy

This baby just can’t hold back the emotion from listening to mom sing.

woman in hospital bed

Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Determined New Mom Finishes Psychology Exam While In Labor

And what have you accomplished today?


Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Desperate 30 Year Old Man Needs Date To Taylor Swift Concert

Too bad he is in Australia or we could help him out.


Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

New Barbie Commercial Embraces The Fact That Sometimes Boys Do Play With Barbie

Barbie has finally embraced the fact that it’s not always a girls toy.


Tuesday, November 17, 201511/17/2015

The Best Sweet Potato Pie Review Ever

James Wright’s review of Walmart’s Patti Labelle Sweet Potato pie is the best food review ever.


Tuesday, November 17, 201511/17/2015

This Adorable Little Girl Sure Knows How To Sulk

Her little squeaky shoes make the video even better.

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