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Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

Pelican Learns How To Fish With A GoPro

A really sweet story about an orphaned Pelican and the humans teaching him to fish.


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

Baby Monitor Catches Toddler Singing Star Wars Theme

You have never heard the “Imperial March” quiet like this.


Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

The Story Behind Last Week’s Amber Alert From Knoxville

This is proof that the Amber Alert system works.


Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

This Toddler Can’t Get Enough Of This Song

His dance moves are strong.


Wednesday, November 11, 201511/11/2015

DC Police Hunt for “Twerker” and Accomplice

These women just would not leave this man alone.


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

Coldplay “Adventure Of A Lifetime”.

What do you think of “Adventure of a Lifetime”?


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

Chihuahua Adopts A Litter Of Kittens

It’s Ryan’s favorite video ever!

star wars

Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

Dying Man Gets His Wish Granted To See The New Star Wars Movie Early

JJ Abrams makes one fan’s dream come true.


Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

This Technology Wants To Make Wheelchairs Obsolete

How amazing is this?!


Wednesday, November 4, 201511/04/2015

This Man’s Dying Wish Is To See “Star Wars The Force Awakens” Before He Passes

Will JJ Abrams make his wish come true?

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