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Thursday, May 7, 201505/07/2015

30 Ways To Take Your S’mores To The Next Level

Just plain old S’mores are not going to cut it anymore.

woman fist pump

Thursday, May 7, 201505/07/2015

The Coolest “Before and After” Weight Loss Photos

With the help of her photographer friend, Beth has the best “Before and After” pics.


Wednesday, May 6, 201505/06/2015

How To Order McDonalds Like A Boss

This guy uses his dope rhymes to order.


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

Mayor Forgets To Turn His Mic Off In The Bathroom

It’s like a scene out of “The Naked Gun”.


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

Jimmy Fallon And Jack Black Recreate “More Than Words”

Their remake really makes the original video look absurd.


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

Just How Much Photoshopping Goes Into A Fashion Shoot

The model’s look is completely changed.


Tuesday, May 5, 201505/05/2015

Oblivious Engagement

Mom is not picking up the obvious hints that her daughter just got engaged.


Monday, May 4, 201505/04/2015

The Cheap T-Shirt Experiment

A vending machine brings home the reality of where cheap clothes come from.


Monday, May 4, 201505/04/2015

Old Men Grooving

These guys know how to bust a move.


Monday, May 4, 201505/04/2015

5 Year Old Bruce Lee

This kid’s nun-chuck skills are most impressive.

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