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ben affleck

Friday, August 23, 201308/23/2013

Ben Affleck Is The New Batman

Ben Affleck is the Caped Crusader!

maroon 5

Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

Popular Bands That Started Out With Really Bad Names

What did Maroon 5 call themselves when they first got together?


Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

Amazing 911 Call From The Georgia School Shooting

Click here to listen to the 911 call between the operator and the amazing school bookkeeper that talked the gunman into surrendering to police.

bad haircut

Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

Have You Ever Cried Over A Bad Haircut?

We have all had a bad haircut but has one ever been so bad it brought you to tears?


Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

Epic College Welcome Speech

So good it makes you want to go back to school.


Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

The Newest Trend For Weddings

A hot new trend for weddings is for the bridal party to have a boudoir photography parties.


Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

An Amazing Beard!

This guy has a little too much free time on his hands.

crying bride 2

Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

911 Operator Saves The Day After Brides Wedding Dress Stolen

One bride has her wedding dress stolen on the day of her wedding!


Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

10 Ways Living With A Toddler Is Like Being In Prison

Parents you can no doubt relate to this.

man on computer

Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

College Student Shares All He Knows About Women

And it turns out he doesn’t know a whole lot.

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