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Friday, March 25, 201603/25/2016

Baby Has A Long Discussion With The Family Cat

This baby has an adorable discussion with the family cat


Friday, March 25, 201603/25/2016

How Dad Helps His Child Experience Downhill Mountain Biking

Father of the year!

david letterman

Thursday, March 24, 201603/24/2016

Retired David Letterman Is Almost Unrecognizable

The former king of late night has stopped shaving and caring what anyone thinks.

car seat

Wednesday, March 23, 201603/23/2016

House Kills Bill Requiring Rear-Facing Car Seats Up To Age 2

And you will not have to tell your 12 year old that they need to get back into a booster seat.


Wednesday, March 23, 201603/23/2016

This Vintage 1970’s Airborne Recruitment Ad Has The Best Soundtrack Ever

Take a trip back in time with this 1970’s Airborne Recruitment Ad.


Wednesday, March 23, 201603/23/2016

Meet Dagger, The Dog That Paints

He is a regular Dogvinci!


Tuesday, March 22, 201603/22/2016

100 Years Of Engagement Rings

The bling on your finger has changed over the last 100 years.


Tuesday, March 22, 201603/22/2016

Up Your Easter Game With These Origami Bunny Napkins

Because you don’t already have enough to do getting ready for Easter.


Monday, March 21, 201603/21/2016

The Most Expensive Way To Cook Bacon

One strip of bacon that cost about $50 to cook.


Monday, March 21, 201603/21/2016

New Jersey Mall Easter Bunny Involved In Brawl With Parents

Instead of hiding eggs and baskets this Easter Bunny was throwing punches at a New Jersey Mall.

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