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toilet boy

Friday, October 11, 201310/11/2013

3 Year Old Contemplates His Diet In The Bathroom

This little guy sounds like he regrets some of his food choices.

golden retriever

Thursday, October 10, 201310/10/2013

Dog Really Loves To Listen To His Master Play Guitar

This dog really loves his masters guitar playing.

highschool football

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

Kentucky Bans Post-game Handshakes At High School Football Games

In order to stop fights breaking out after games the governing body for Kentucky High School athletics has banned shaking hands after football games.

thumbs up kid

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

It’s Hard To Argue With Kid Logic

This collection of notes and school work from kids is awesome!

scared woman 2

Wednesday, October 9, 201310/09/2013

18 Terrifying Old Halloween Costumes

These old time Halloween costumes are the stuff of nightmares.

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Costume Ideas For Zombie Prom

Looking for inspirations for your Zombie Prom Costume?

trick or treaters 2

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Awesome Dad Saves Halloween for His Son

A dad gets creative when it comes to trick or treat for his son that cannot have candy.

halloween baby

Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

32 Parents Who Nailed It On Halloween

These parents took Halloween to the next level with the costumes they put together for their kids.


Tuesday, October 8, 201310/08/2013

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

It was a publicity stunt for the remake of “Carrie” and it freaked out a lot of people.

baggy jeans

Monday, October 7, 201310/07/2013

The Fashion Men and Women Hate

What fashions do men hate on women? What fashions do women hate on men?

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