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happy couple 4

Thursday, August 1, 201308/01/2013

What Real Love Looks Like

One woman writes an amazing essay about the real love she has with her husband and how it is completely different than what we see in the movies and TV.

airforce jet

Thursday, August 1, 201308/01/2013

The Airforce Now Has A “My Little Pony” Squadron

See the cartoon pony inspired patch that is boosting morale!

little girl

Thursday, August 1, 201308/01/2013

Adorable Toddler Has Had Enough Of Dad’s Shenanigans

Just about the cutest video you will see today

woman with handbag

Wednesday, July 31, 201307/31/2013

Why Do Women Really Love Designer Bags?

A group of scientist has found what they think is the answer.


Tuesday, July 30, 201307/30/2013

Wildlife Camera Catches Bear Dance Party

What really goes on in the woods when no one is watching.


Tuesday, July 30, 201307/30/2013

Worst Landlord Ever?

What would you do if your landlord wanted to do this in your yard?


Tuesday, July 30, 201307/30/2013

3 Year Old Watches “E.T.” For The First Time With Adorable Results.

The cutest little movie critic on the web!

woman online

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

It’s A Baby Zonkey!

What do you get when a Zebra falls in love with a Donkey?

liquid plumr

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Does This Liquid Plumr Commercial Go Too Far?

Is this commercial too racy for daytime TV?

woman checking phone

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Most Woman Discover Cheating Boyfriends By Checking His Phone

Do you ever snoop your partners phone?

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