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Thursday, October 15, 201510/15/2015

The Cutest Cellphone Commercial Ever

This Irish cellphone commercial stars a pig that will steal your heart.


Thursday, October 15, 201510/15/2015

Ariana Grande Does Opera With Andrea Bocelli

Wow, wasn’t expecting that.


Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

Little Boy Quizzes Mom On Maxi Pads

He is a little confused about what mom uses them for.

heavy metal kid

Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

The 5 Cheesiest Heavy Metal Videos Of All Time

How many of these cheesy classics do you remember?


Wednesday, October 14, 201510/14/2015

The Real Hammer Of Thor

Are you worthy?


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

This Woman Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Broadcast Her Drunk Driving Live On The Internet

Whitney Beall drove drunk while on “Periscope”.


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Someone Claims to Have Caught The “Jersey Devil” On Video

Looks more like a flying “My Little Pony” toy.


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Someone Has Uploaded All The Cheesy Kmart Background Shopping Music From The 80s To The Internet

Remember this cheesy background music?


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

Burger King’s New Pumpkin Spice Oreo Shake

Do you need one of these in your life?


Tuesday, October 13, 201510/13/2015

GoPro Falls Into Pit Of Rattlesnakes

I would have just left it, they are not that expensive.

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