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Tuesday, March 15, 201603/15/2016

Guy Records Song With Himself As A Kid 30 Years Ago

This musician finally recorded a song he has been singing since he was a kid.


Monday, March 14, 201603/14/2016

Teachers To Start Grading Parents?

What grade would you get as a parent?


Friday, March 11, 201603/11/2016

Eric And Peety’s Story Might Make You Cry

A man and a shelter dog rescue each other.


Friday, March 11, 201603/11/2016

Frosting A Cake Taken To A Whole New Level!

Looks like we have been frosting cakes wrong our whole lives!

yoga lady

Thursday, March 10, 201603/10/2016

The Latest Yoga Trend, Rage Yoga

Yoga with shouting and beer!


Wednesday, March 9, 201603/09/2016

Meet Connie, The New Robot Concierge

This looks kind of cool.


Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

If Parents Talked In Real Life Like They Do Online

This is so true!


Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

What The Rings Of A Tree Sound Like On A Record Player

The music this tree makes is haunting.


Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

Teens React To Windows 95

These kids nowadays have no idea how good they have it.


Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Microscope!

Something fun you can do with the kids.

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