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woman online

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

It’s A Baby Zonkey!

What do you get when a Zebra falls in love with a Donkey?

liquid plumr

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Does This Liquid Plumr Commercial Go Too Far?

Is this commercial too racy for daytime TV?

woman checking phone

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Most Woman Discover Cheating Boyfriends By Checking His Phone

Do you ever snoop your partners phone?

happy couple 5

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

What Are Guys Looking For In a Wife?

What do guys think makes a woman wife material?

wedding couple

Monday, July 29, 201307/29/2013

Which Wedding Tradition Would You Like To Skip?

What wedding tradition would you like to see go away?

beanie babies

Friday, July 26, 201307/26/2013

Family Regrets Spending $100,000 On Beanie Babies

Great video about a family that went a little overboard on Beanie Babies!

kelly clarkson 2

Friday, July 26, 201307/26/2013

Kelly Clarkson Post A Pretty Cool Engagement Pic

The former “American Idol” posted a fantastic engagement photo on twitter.


Thursday, July 25, 201307/25/2013

New Energy Bar Made Of………Crickets!

If it tasted pretty good could you eat one of these?

couple watching tv 2

Thursday, July 25, 201307/25/2013

What is Chromecast?

It is a new device from Google that could change the way you watch TV.

wedding couple 2

Wednesday, July 24, 201307/24/2013

The Best Wedding RSVP Card

How could you not go to this wedding?

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