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Monday, July 8, 201307/08/2013

Maid of Honor “Raps” Her Toast

This woman has got some skills!

dustin hoffman

Monday, July 8, 201307/08/2013

Dressing Like A Woman Made Dustin Hoffman Realize He’d Been Brainwashed

Doing the movie “Tootsie” made Dustin Hoffman come to a realization about women.

wiffle ball

Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

Rules for Wiffle Ball

It’s baseballs plastic cousin and it has it’s own unique set of rules.

4th of July

Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

Great Printables To Make Your Fourth Of July Party Awesome!

Click here for 12 free printables for your Independence Day celebration.

handsome man 2

Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

The Perfect Man

A new CBS/Vanity Fair poll has found what women want in the perfect man.

couple in bed

Tuesday, July 2, 201307/02/2013

How Long Do Women Want “Relations” To Last?

Here is a hint, it is longer than it is actually happening.

child painting

Monday, July 1, 201307/01/2013

Rich Couple Claim They Got Tricked Into Paying $50,000 For Finger Painting

A kindergarten creation fetches big money at an auction and the winning bidder is not happy.

willie waffle

Friday, June 21, 201306/21/2013

Willie Waffle’s Movie Reviews for June 21st 2013

Movie critic Willie Waffle reviews “Monsters University” and “World War Z”.


Friday, June 21, 201306/21/2013

Woman Sends Cheating Boyfriend on Humiliating Scavenger Hunt

What did one woman make here boyfriend do after she found out he cheated?

ball jar

Friday, June 21, 201306/21/2013

31 Household Products You Will Never Have To Buy Again

31 things around the house that you can make yourself on the cheap.

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