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man on computer

Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

College Student Shares All He Knows About Women

And it turns out he doesn’t know a whole lot.

happy couple

Monday, August 19, 201308/19/2013

The Key To A Happy Relationship

Experts found it is more than just good communication.

baby panda

Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

Baby Panda Meets Mom For The First Time

Click here to see an adorable video of a baby panda and it’s mom.

woman looking in mirror

Friday, August 16, 201308/16/2013

Which Anti-Aging Products Work Best?

Good Housekeeping has picked the best of the best.

cute kids

Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child

It is a heck of a lot more than we thought.

1950's Women

Thursday, August 15, 201308/15/2013

7 Tips For Keeping A Man From The 1950’s

Get ready for a blast from the past!

couple in bed 4

Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

America’s First “Relations” Manual

The manual that was published in 1766 has some interesting ideas about relations.


Wednesday, August 14, 201308/14/2013

The Internet Falls In Love With People Saving Animals

This video of mankind giving the animal kingdom a hand is going viral.

chocolate cake

Tuesday, August 13, 201308/13/2013

Woman Tries To Find “Mr. Right” With Cake

Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach?

crying bride

Tuesday, August 13, 201308/13/2013

Woman Tries To Sell Terrible Wedding Cake On Ebay

Her big day was ruined by an absolutely horrible wedding cake.

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