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Wednesday, June 19, 201306/19/2013

Now Snakes Can Open Doors!

This is the stuff of nightmares!

jet airliner

Wednesday, June 19, 201306/19/2013

Amazing Photos Taken From The Cockpit of A Plane

These are absolutely incredible.

bad date 2

Tuesday, June 18, 201306/18/2013

What is “Negging” And Why Do Men Think Women Want It

“Negging” is trying to attract a beautiful woman by saying something slightly negative to her. What would you do if a guy pulled this on you?

alarm clock

Tuesday, June 18, 201306/18/2013

The Money Shredding Alarm Clock

You will never hit the snooze bar again.

hoodie girl

Tuesday, June 18, 201306/18/2013

The Hoodie Neck Pillow Is Real

Now you can have a hoodie and a neck pillow all in one when you travel.


Monday, June 17, 201306/17/2013

Man Who Says 4 Kids Vandalized Home Is Charged.

He caught the boys, ages 8 and 10, vandalizing his father in laws home and then put them in a closet until police arrived.

carjack momma

Monday, June 17, 201306/17/2013

Mom Tells Carjacker That He Was Messing With The Wrong “Witch”

One carjacker learned the hard way that you never mess with a mama bear!

stupid pagent girl

Monday, June 17, 201306/17/2013

Miss Utah USA Gives Worst Pageant Answer Since Miss South Carolina

Was it nerves or did she just have no idea what she was talking about?

robert downey jr 2

Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

Robert Downey Jr. Makes A Kid Cry

The kid was expecting Iron Man and Robert didn’t have the suit, but the resulting photo is awesome.

q tip

Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

Never Let A Man See You Clean Your Ears!

That is what Katie Holmes said in a recent interview.

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