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rock milk

Friday, February 1, 201302/01/2013

Superbowl Ad: Milk Mustache

Check out “The Rock” in a Got Milk Superbowl commercial.


Thursday, January 31, 201301/31/2013

Veggies Bad, Tacos Good

Taco Bell was forced to retract its anti-vegetable commercial for Super Bowl 2013 promoting its 12-pack of tacos.

VW superbowl

Thursday, January 31, 201301/31/2013

Come On Get Happy

The Superbowl commercials are rolling in… check out Dave and his newfound sunny disposition (that manifests itself in a curious way).

invisible drivethru

Wednesday, January 30, 201301/30/2013

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Part 2

Remember that drive-thru invisible driver prank that went viral a few weeks ago? Well, the guy’s done it again. Here’s…

scott zombie

Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

Zombie Makeover

This is what I might look like as a zombie… Check out this cool website… you can make yourself into…

bubble wrap

Tuesday, January 29, 201301/29/2013

Bubble Wrap Record

A high school in New Jersey celebrated Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day yesterday by setting a Guinness World Record for the…


Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

Grab Ellen’s Bust

Katy Perry stopped by the Ellen show to help her celebrate her birthday, check it out…


Thursday, January 24, 201301/24/2013

Smurf Weatherman

A little green screen malfunction turns this TV weatherman into a smurf. But he handles it smurfingly well.


Thursday, January 24, 201301/24/2013

Let’s Make Snow

While much of the country sits in a deep winter freeze, some amateur science buffs are using the opportunity to try the old “hot water to snow” trick.


Wednesday, January 23, 201301/23/2013

Hamster Cheeks

It’s seems as though the tiny hamster in this video would be the underdog in its battle against a pretzel stick, but he has a secret weapon — his awesome cheeks.

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